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100% natural
as it should be.


Made from 100% natural ingredients and by people who see the world as a place to stand out rather than somewhere to fit in, Prose is as unique and meaningful as the people who drink it.

Prose is language in its natural form. It is common and universal, yet has the capacity to be something truly profound. At Prose, we believe the best moments are the unscripted ones. The ones that arise from a string of seeming inconsequential events, but result in something grand in its own way. The name Prose originated from the idea that our vodka itself came from a series of unplanned and organic events – an ordinary conversation about the daily life, in fact. And, so, Prose was created to embody all the unscripted, natural and unique moments that make us who we are.

Natural BLEND

The distinct pink hue of Prose comes from a unique strain of purple sweet potatoes. The naturally earthy organoleptic qualities of the purple sweet potatoes are preserved through our post-distillation infusion process at our distillery in Sorel, Quebec. Masterfully crafted and carefully packaged, every bottle of Prose is truly a marvel to any standard.

And the result? T
he experience of rediscovering some of your favorite drinks through the all natural smoothness that Prose brings to your glass. 

Your moment awaits

It's time you tried our vodka

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